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Express News Live Streaming

Express news live streaming hails from a family of news channels which includes Express 24/7, pakistan’s English news channels that operates along the clock. Express news live is based in lahore and is owned by the Laskson group famous for their tobacco brand.

Express news live recently came to attention when a controversial show host Aamir Liaquat Hussain abandoned the sinking Geo news channel and jumped ships to join Express news family. The decision to take the controversial show host and give him a senior most position in the hierarchy of the channel has been criticized by viewers and industry experts alike. Industry experts are of the opinion that Aamir Liaquat will soon start the same shenanigans on Express news live that he was notorious for on Geo. This could mean a significant loss of viewership for Express news.

In my humble opinion Express news live has indulged in a huge gamble! It can either propel them to the head of the channel rating race or doom them like Geo news. Only time will tell as of right now we can only sit on the sidelines and make assumptions. One also hopes that Aamir Liaquat has learned from his past mistakes and will not repeat them this time around.